Photography by Marcelo Gomez


Born in 1990 in Orange (France) Inès Mélia has been living and working in Paris since 2008.
Her different forms of expression extend and build a dialogue between several mediums: sculpture, photography, painting and music.
In her work, Inès questions the mundane through humorous and at times mischievous play with everyday objects and contexts, challenging existing preconceptions and ordinary ways of perceiving them.
'The Domestic Life' gathers ephemeral works made from everyday items: Dishes, cheese, flowers, seeds… exploring how creativity can reveal the possibles in the real — oh too real.

2018 'La nuit est aussi un soleil'
at Paul Smith in Paris.
2020 Inés presents her 'Candlecheeses
at Yvon Lambert in Paris.
2021 Inès presents her 'Tissue Books' collection at
Yvon Lambert in Paris.